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General Information

Art Work and Pre-production Fee:
No Charge if acceptable camera-ready art is provided. For all orders requiring art for production, a surcharge will be added to the order. Print tooling from customer specifications is at no charge.

Cancellation of custom orders or modifications during the production will be invoiced for any and all expenses incurred. No order may be returned to the factory without authorization.

All prices are per unit of sale and are subject to change without notice.

Customer samples:
We cannot guarantee return of customers personal samples submitted with orders.

Die Charges:
Original dies required in the production of any item, including tooling, models, and molds, are maintained for the exclusive use of the original customer, remain the property of the factory, and cannot be removed. Dies are held for 5 years and may be disposed of thereafter without notification.

Overruns and Underruns:
All custom orders are subject to a 5% variance and will be billed accordingly.

PMS Colors:
Matching will be provided at no charge whenever possible.

Screen Charges:
Charges for silk screening may be incurred more than once during long run orders. Screens are held for one year for returns.

Preproduction samples:
Certain charges are incurred to provide preproduction samples, these will be quoted to the customer and billed accordingly. Preproduction samples may or may not be processed the same as in actual production.

All items are F.O.B. K.C.MO. If shipping method has not been specified, we will select the most appropriate method based on weight, destination, and time available. Drop shipments incur no additional charges. We do not accept responsibility once a shipment has left the premises. Make any claims direct to the carrier.

Trademarks, Copyright, Registration Marks:
The factory bears no responsibility for legal infringements. The factory assumes that the customer has permission to use all designs asked to be produced. The purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us for Patent or Copyright infringements.

Upon credit approval, terms are net thirty (30) days. Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on overdue accounts.

Request Additional Information

Select the item that apply, and then let us know how to contact you. Or e-mail straight to the front desk.



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