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Since 1880, Liepsner & Company has been dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support possible to our customers.

We combine quality materials, craftsmanship and tradition in all of our products.

Our satisfied customers call us Liepsner & Company.

We would like you to call us...

Liepsner & Company.


Company Profile

Founded in 1880 by H. C. Liepsner, the firm grew steadily, necessitating successive moves to larger quarters. In 1928 Mr. Liepsner retired and the business was headed by Charles H. Curtis. Lewis G. Dore, who became president in 1946, joined the firm in 1938. Reviewing the progress of Liepsner & Co., Dore stressed the introduction of new methods and more efficient machinery. "With every such expansion we were able to offer greater service, and more and more firms began to utilize our special skills, techniques and equipment. In turn, such close cooperation with a variety of industries aided us in developing new techniques and methods designed to meet their specific needs."

from the 75th anniversary of Liepsner as told in the "Heart Of America" 1955

George Marchin then acquired the firm in 1960 and lead it until 1989 after which Paul Schroeger became the president. As with the tradition of Liepsner, Paul has expanded the facilities and added newer equipment. We now create the rubber stamps and stencils with laser technology. We have a computerized engraver for plastics and metals as well. But much of the older equipment can't be improved by technology however, it still takes expert craftsmanship to create many of the items we produce, and that comes from the professional behind the machine.

In 2005, Justrite Rubber Stamp and Seal Company purchased Liepsner & Company. Now owned by Paul Thomas, there have been even more capabilities added to our company. An in house sign shop and ADA compliant signs to name a couple. And as always, Liepsner & Co. is there for any of your marking device and identification needs.

Liepsner & Company has been a leader in fine quality and expert craftsmanship since it's inception in 1880. We continue that tradition to this day. The work ethics of yesterday matched with the technologies of today, help make our products and service the finest, next to none.

Our expertise over the last 130 years is yours for the asking.

Paul Thomas



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